Plant Sale

Every gardener loves a plant sale, and the sale mounted by the Greater Philadelphia Chapter is one to put in your datebook every year.  It is held as part of Morris Arboretum’s Plant Sale, which is scheduled on the days leading up to Mother’s Day in May.  The rhododendron sale follows the schedule and hours of the Arboretum’s plant sale.


A large selection of outstanding rhododendrons, all hardy in the Delaware Valley, is offered.  Many of the plants have been propagated by the chapter from specimens in collector’s gardens, varieties that are largely available nowhere else but a society sale.  They are selected for the beauty of their flowers and foliage and the pleasure they bring to the garden.  Plants offered include large-leaf (elepidotes) and small-leaf (lepidotes) rhododendrons, evergreen and deciduous azaleas, and mountain laurels (kalmias). 


Our sales people will help you choose the right shrub for your needs and share their expertise to successfully grow it in your garden.  Members are encouraged to participate in the plant sale activities and help customers with their specific needs.


For directions to Morris Arboretum and details on the sale, click here. For 2019 Plant List click on the attached pdf file below.

Karel Bernady





May 5, 2019, 9:52 AM