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Affordability and selection – that classic combo of marketing – epitomize the Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s Plants for Members program. You can’t beat the prices, and as for choices, there are scores of desirable and otherwise hard-to-find cultivars. 

This is achieved by volunteers helping to propagate plants at a cooperating nursery, starting roughly a year in advance. 
The Chapter’s meeting in September is dedicated to the sale of the year’s new crop of rhododendrons.

Founded by members Dan Layman and Bob Wilkinson, the P4M Program initiated its first sale in 1987.  Cuttings of rhododendron shrubs were taken the previous year and prepared for rooting.  Those that set roots – it’s not always guaranteed - were grown on and sold at a chapter meeting.  The program has continued annually since then. 

Among the goals of our P4M Program, as espoused by founder Dan Layman, are to locate and distribute garden favorites and to encourage members to try new varieties.   To accomplish this materials for propagation are collected from various gardens and from hybridizers, who seek to produce new and exciting varieties.  We usually offer plants that are not in commerce.  These are mostly elepidote and lepidote rhododendrons. 

Another objective of the program is to involve members in a venture that is both a learning experience and fun.  Thus volunteers gather cuttings for propagation and meet at a scheduled time to stick them in trays for rooting under commercial nursery conditions.  This is open to all members and we encourage new people to participate.  After the cuttings are rooted, we again join together to transplant them to larger pots for growth.  The plants are maintained over the growing season and then selected for sale.  Members have expressed great appreciation in being involved in the P4M activities and being able to purchase plants they had a hand in propagation.
Since 2010 we have begun to propagate rhododendrons by grafting on unrooted understock.  Difficulties in propagation of some cultivars by rooting cuttings led us to this new venture.  Again, volunteers help with these efforts by preparing the grafts and transplanting the successfully rooted plants in the Spring.  The plants are grown on for one or two years before being offered for sale.  Grafting rhododendrons is giving an exciting dimension to our Plants for Members Program.

Our 33rd Plants for Members sale will be held on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 1:00 pm at the Morris Arboretum. The sale will be held in the Widener Visitor Center, which is accessed through the main gate of the arboretum on Northwestern Avenue. Full lists of plants to be sold are given below: 2019 Rooted Cuttings and 2019 One Gallon Plants.  This is the ninth year we are offering grafted plants, which make possible cultivars difficult to propagate by rooting cuttings.  To view, download, or print the lists, click on the links below.


To view the P4M Listings or plants detail descriptions, click view on the respective attachment below.

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2019 P4M Plant Sale Listings Images (



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