Philadelphia Flower Show

Post date: Mar 15, 2011 8:48:19 PM

Our garden display, Place des Rhododendron, was a beauty to the eye. The display was very well received. Our many thanks go out to the committee who have been preparing since the summer of 2010. Kim Kopple, Debby Evans, Ted Stecki, Randy Dalton, Michael Mills, Linda Hartnett, Cynthia Rossetti, Rupert Rossetti, Sue Camp, and Karel Bernady, who helped with the plant acquisition, deserve great thanks. A special thank you to our setup and takedown committee: Andy Earle, Sue Camp, Glenn Fredrick, Pat Kelleher, Michael Mills, Randy Dalton, Debby Evans, Linda Hartnett, Cynthia Rossetti, Joan Deen, Ted Stecki, Tom Lloyd, Joan Roberts, and Tom Conover. Thank you to everyone who took the time to staff the exhibit and answer questions of the attendees. If we have forgotten anyone please forgive us and thank you. We also want to thank Dan O'Brien from Fairmount Park for his excellent job of forcing our plants. This is not an easy feat. We look forward to next year's show. Also, we owe an extra thank you to Ted Stecki for all of his trips to and from the show to deliver, retrieve, and care for the plants in the evenings. Thank you to Betts for arranging the exhibit watchers.