Plants for Member Sale Details

Our 34th Plants for Members sale will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 1:30 pm at the Morris Arboretum. (Bloomfield Farm section). The entrance is on Morthwesterm Avenue directly opposite the entrance to the public garden. The driveway forks twice. At the first fork, bear left; at the second fork, bear right and you'll come to a parking lot on the right.

Wear a mask.

The event is in the middle of the maintenance complex and is considered an outdoor event, which means we are limited to 50 people. The plants will be on tables in the large central equipment bay. If it rains, we expect to be able to have some people in the equipment bay (social distancing!) and some in the staff break room (social distancing!). Bring an umbrella in addition to your carryall for purchases. Indoor toilets will be available.

As in previous years, you will get a number when you arrive. A random drawing will then admit buyers in small groups to select a few plants. After everyone has had that opportunity, unlimited buying is allowed. Checks are preferred, but cash and charge cards are acceptable.

Rooted plants will be offered at $5, 1-gallon plants (grafts and/or grown-on plants) for $12.

Wear a mask.

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